About Us

Late M.Hayri Özkaya (937-2012) started his trading life in 1953 by trading pistachio.

His first exports experience happened in 1964 with shipments to Aleppo and Damascus. Later on, as a result of the travels he did, he decided to focus his attention yarn trading in 1970. He started his first organisation in 1980 in Istanbul and brought his trading life together with manufacturing sector. He moved his experience in this sector to Gaziantep in 1987 and imporved it by turning it into an industrial investment. In 1992, he left his place to his sons who never left him alone in his business life. The company keeps growing constantly  with new revisions in machinery parkour and investments since 1995 where it started its exports life with a couple of countries thanks to the new generation's adoption of constancy and growth as their principles.

It has become a the biggest company in Turkey that produces the highest quality yarns by virtue of its experienced Professional staff. In 2008 it entered Carpets and Home textiles sector and established a facility to make a production of Non-slip bath mats of 3.000.000 m2/y and decided to turn the years-long experience in this ector into new investments.

In 2011 it entered the carpet sector with its brand FLORA HALI after making an investment decision to add a new ring to its production power. It is the sole company that produces all materials that are needed to manufacture Flora Halı. It has been exporting this product to approximately 80 countries including EU, North and South America, North Africa, Middles East and Russia. It is becoming the biggest company of World and Europe that produces the highest quality product by turning its experience in textiles sector into new investments.